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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 17, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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very seriously. so you can see, these are pictures from my past down there on the bottom when i was only 6 years old when i started. 13, probably 17, and then at the miss america pageant. if you want to hear me play, go to my facebook page right now. gretchen, thank you. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith at the fox news desk. the terror attack in benghazi left four americans dead. now nearly two years after it happened the u.s. special ops team has captured a suspect. ahead, how they got him. the interrogation, and what happens now. along with details of an interview he gave to fox news. also, inside iraq, the militants are moving closer to the capital city of baghdad. and collecting a lot of weapons along the way. that, and what we know about u.s. forces headed to that region. ♪ first, from fox this
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afternoon, american forces have now interrogated the suspect ringleader of the terror attack in benghazi. that's according to a u.s. official. pentagon sources tell us the suspect is on a u.s. navy ship which will bring him to the united states. his name is ahmed abull khattala. it's going on two years obviously, since that attack. and the suspect has hardly been in hiding all this time. reporters easily tracked him down. reporters in libya. he admitted to our correspondent that he was at the consulate that night but he says he was trying to direct traffic on the clogged road. and he also told "the new york times" that he had no regrets for the four men. ambassador stevens, glenn smith, glen doherty and woods.
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president obama today said we should pause to remember the four victims, and he had a warning for anybody who harms american citizens. >> there are a lot of dangers out there. and a lot of challenges. and our diplomats serve with incredible courage and valor. in very difficult situations. they need to know that this country had their back. and will always go after anybody who goes after us. >> meanwhile, the state department is dismissing any criticism over how long the capture took. a spokeswoman says the fact that reporters could easily find the suspect is, quote, not relevant. >> our focus has been on apprehending those responsible. and we've taken every step possible to do that as quickly as possible. but taking on operations of these kinds of difficult. and there are a range of factors involved, and we did this as and it was undertaken as quickly as possible given the
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circumstances. >> and what those circumstances were, well, we'll perhaps have to wait to find out. jennifer griffin and ed henry at the white house. jen, i'll start with you. where is this person right now? >> right now, what we know on sunday when he was grabbed south of benghazi by the u.s. special operations teams. he was taken to a u.s. navy vessel in international waters. that's where he was held in those initial hours and initial days. we understand that he is still on board that ship. the pentagon will not tell us the name of the vessel, but it is in international waters. we do know from other u.s. officials that an intelligence interrogation team has been working with the suspect. ahmed abul khattala. when they feel there's no more
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intelligence they can get, operational s aal intelligence will mirror rand diez him and send him to a u.s. district court in washington, d.c. >> ed, we've just gotten this information from jennifer griffin. he's headed here. you can give us a timetable on that, anything you're learning out of the white house? >> no it's not clear when he's going to come back for a lot of the reasons that jennifer just listed. you have republicans like marco rubio saying don't bring him back to u.s. soil. send him to guantanamo, send him there to gather more intelligence. we want to know more about not just what happened on 9/11, at the terror site, but where are the other suspects, what information can help lead up to the other suspects. remember, this was just one.
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there were several suspects named in a criminal complaint last year by the justice department. so the bottom line is, this is a success for the administration, but there are other suspects, we believe, are out there. no one believes this was one man who did this. in terms of marco rubio saying send him to guantanamo. that's not going to happen. this administration has made it very clear, jennifer suggested that the justice department wants to try the man in u.s. courts. that's what the administration plans to do. >> i'm wondering if jen psaki, spokesperson for the state department, has made a messaging challenge for the white house with the comments about look how long we knew that khattala was out there and it's not relevant. first of all, what did we know, jen? >> well, what we just heard from pentagon press secretary rear admiral john kirby, he was talking to reporters here at the pentagon. and he said, there doesn't
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matter that we knew where he was and he was out in the open. there are many options that the special ops team were sent in to grab khattala. he was arrested, that is different from a capture. also, sources tell us that khattala was actually on a list of high-value targets that were supposed to be captured in october when another high-value target who was wanted in the africa bombings he was picked up by delta forces october 15th, right around that time, there was supposed to be a special ops operations to pick up khattala in benghazi. >> now, ed, to that challenge, when you hear something like it's not relevant, that really, really sticks in your ear. >> well, of course, it's relevant that this suspect was out there in the open. he was out there for 642 days
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since the terror attack. that was an embarrassment for this administration, because it clearly wanted to get this suspect and the rest of the suspects but i think that's why you're hearing from senate majority leader harry reid that he thinks politically, republicans try to minimize the success of this arrest, try to downplay it and say, we should have gotten him sooner. and what harry reid is trying to say, look, the republicans have been dogging the president on benghazi. suggesting there's something much deeper here, a cover-up. and after a long time when the suspect was out in the open, we've heard all of those anecdotes, they finally got at least one of the suspects so you can bet, it sounded like a victory lapse when the president earlier in pittsburgh, where he said, we just sent a message all around the world that when our men and women are attacked anywhere in the world, we're going to bring the suspect to justice. well, look, he wants to say that, needs to say that now because he's taken on ohm
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republican attacks for not getting the suspects and not acting quickly in the initial hours after the terror attacks. >> anybody killed in this, jen? >> in fact, there were no casualties. and we heard from sources familiar with the raid that it was pretty simple. he was grab easily. he didn't see it coming. and we just heard from rear admiral kirby that there were no casualties and all the americans arrived back safely out of libya. so, no, we don't believe. >> i want do go back to ed just now on the point of politics. tonight, we no that hillary clinton will be at several events including sitting down with her own brett bair and greta van susteren and certainly, benghazi has been tough for her. it's generated interesting responses from her since her book rolled out in the last week. the president, calling it a success, gives her some language, does it not? >> well, there's no doubt it's a better story for former
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secretary clinton tonight to talk about how a suspect was captured, as opposed to what she did on that night. and what she did not do in the days after. but the bottom line there are republicans out there suggesting today that the timing is suspicious. maybe this going to help her on the book tour. the bottom line is, the administration laughed that off and said, look, we get the information as jennifer was lining it up and they react to it. it took them a couple days after finally getting that order to go in. around the opportunity, they took it finally on sunday. and timing had nothing to do with a book tour from secretary clinton or anywhere else. interestingly, trey gowdy saying congratulations to everybody. he didn't mention the president. the republicans do not want to
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give the president a victory on this. and this white house wants to say, look, after all the attacks, this is a more positive story for them. >> the next thing is to try to find somebody else that this person may have been linked to. jen, give us information, if you can. >> well, i think it's important to remember that in those initial hours and days after the attack, there was very clear information and intelligence, leading -- leading the community to and south korea and abu khattala was ahead of that in benghazi, and there's natural that they would have picked him up. and there were many more people involved in this including a former gitmo detainee. i think the problem is, the administration has indicated they are not going to say any of this high-value targets to guantanamo bay. so it raises the bar in terms of the evidence needed to bring them before a judge in the
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united states. so that can also slow down the process because they have to build a case against these people. >> this is why i wanted you both on at the same time. jennifer, you just gave me the next question for ed, so what do you do about guantanamo bay? look, you can't avoid it in this conversation. if abu khattala had a connection with a gitmo detainee. >> the bottom line is if you go back to the bowe bergdahl story, the big, larger picture, is that the reason why the president swapped five taliban commanders and took a lot of heat for it is because he wants to close guantanamo down. that's also why you're not going to see this suspect go there. they want to close it down. they promised to do it on the first, or second day of this administration. it didn't happen. so that's a big failure for the president. he wants to get that done as a legacy item before he leaves office in the next years. the pressure is enormous to not
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just be releasing more terrorists out there like we saw in the bergdahl case. he faced a lot of heat for that, as he faces more and more pressure to get that prison closed down, he's going to take more heat if more terrorists are released. >> jennifer griffin, ed henry, you thank you so much for the dual reporting on this just a reminder, that interview with hillary clinton, brett bair and getten van susteren, 6:00 eastern time. hundreds of u.s. troops are now headed to an area in and around iraq as conditions there are destabilized. we'll have a live report from the middle east and a look at the weapons the militants have been collecting along the way as they move towards the iraqi capital. stay close. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. bloodthirsty militants seem to be closing in on baghdad as u.s. troops arrive to help secure american facilities and the growing threat of iraq's collapse. the terror group islamic state of iraq and syria or isis is still making big gains. according to security officials, isis fighters are control of several neighborhoods in baqubah. that's a key development on a place 40 miles north of baghdad. you see that on the map. the green squares indicate the cities that are partially
12:16 pm
controlled.united states are positioning armed troops in and around iraq as president obama considers his options. the president has already said he won't send u.s. troops back in combat. now fox news said president obama plans to meet with top leaders tomorrow with ongoing situations in iraq. connor powell is live in the newsroom in jerusalem, conor, what more are you learning about the fighting? >> it pushes across iraq. coming with deadly consequences, file thing breaking out at a prison northeast of baghdad as insurgents lay siege to a prison outside of capital. there are conflicts reports on what exactly was hit and how many people were killed but we're getting reports of dozens of detainees being killed and police officers as well. this is important, this as close to the capital since the sunni fighters launched an offensive last week.
12:17 pm
we are also hearing reports of several explosions rocking baghdad today. and sectarian and ethic killings on the rise there. and tensions mount between the pro-government shia population and the iraqi sunnis who back the insurgents. >> well, conor, i know president obama has called on iraq shiite leaders to try to reach out to other groups. how's that going? >> well, the u.s. and lots of world leaders from really across the globe have been calling on nuri al maliki who is to really work across the divide, to reach out to moderate sunni leaders in iraq to try to find a way to end the violence to stem it. but the iraqi leaders have defied those calls declaring a voice out of iraq main sunni political bloc and accusing the sunni powers of genocide. sunni states like saudi arabia, qatar, kuwait, fund these rebel groups like isis and neighboring
12:18 pm
syria against the iran-backed bashar al assad. president obama has resists the calls for iraq that now the united states take efforts. harris, it looks like maliki is doing just the opposite. he's refusing toed me with even moderate sunnis in iraq right now and it would be a basis for coalition government to end this violence. >> conor, great to get the context of what's going on on the ground there. we appreciate it. thank you very much. u.s. officials are telling fox news sunni insurgents probably have a hold of american-made stinger missiles and a lot of other. wes after taking over iraqi military bases. take a look at our wall now. stinger missiles are shoulder-fired. attackers can sit them on vehicles and in helicopters. obviously, they're portable, making them even more dangerous. they're used to take down
12:19 pm
aircraft. remember, american officials said isis fighters have taken down hundreds, include ak-47s. and that's on top of the vehicles they already have. in ft, they're talking about the humvees. retired gunnery jesse james dunst joins now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, harris. >> first of all, what can you tell us about those hand-held rocket-propelled grenades they have? >> well, essentially, the rocket-propelled grenades can be used multiple time and shoulder carried can penetrate armored vehicles. they're usually used for anti-tank weaponerry or armiered personnel vehicles. essentially if you're going
12:20 pm
against any of these isis, people holding any of these, you can essentially be destroyed, regardless of you're an armoured vehicle or not. >> do you have anything on what we may have left behind on the bases? because if we learn about what is collected that would be good to know. >> essentially 40,000 weapons have been confiscated. some of the weapons that are our concern, for example, the a-1 tank. 280 of those tanks were provided to iraq during the war. this vehicle in itself is a highly mobile tank. it has the great agility. it was racing across the desert during desert storm. it's not very fuel efficient, mind you. it has a 490 gallon tank. and it can go 265 miles on one tank. essentially, though, it can go from zero to 20 in seven seconds. so it's basically a very rugged vehicle. 280 of them are with iraqis
12:21 pm
right now. so if they have confiscated this weapon. we are at a huge disadvantage. it's a great tank. it's served america well and we hope it's not serving isis. >> all right. one of my key questions when we come back from commercial break, how are these guys going to have expertise training to use this gear because some of it's specific. we're going to ask you to sit tight. we'll be right back.
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and back with us now retired gunnery sergeant jesse james duff joins us. gunnery duff spent spent years with the u.s. marine corps. i wanted to know if the insurgents had upwards of potential 40,000 weaponry seized from the military bases how
12:25 pm
difficult is it to use the things we've been showing people in the video. those tasks. do they have a user manual. >> first i have to correct myself. part of the people in isis have been trained in the iraqi army, some of these sunni people who have joined up may have been trained with the tanks and also the syrians who have defected from their own army. i guarantee people who have been trained on tanks. they might tear up a few gears, but they'll figure it out. >> let's move on to potentially what they have. any air power? >> we're hoping that they don't have kawa helicopters. we did provide kiowa helicopters to the iraqis. again, they can be armed.
12:26 pm
again, we go back to can they fly them? if we have syrian people who have deflected from the syrian forces, yes, potentially pilots. so if you have an armored helicopter that is capable of flying and shooting, we are, again, at another disadvantage. the iraqi army is really going to be at a disadvantage if they have that equipment. >> can i ask you a question about this. if america gets involved with this militarily, and we carry out air strikes, how efficient, how successful can we be given all this weaponry? >> if they have it, nothing's been various fired yet. these are all potential gains that they may get. we haven't confirmed that they have obtained any of this. it does appear they may have gotten ahold of the am-1 abrams. and it's difficult to have to shoot down the equipment.
12:27 pm
we're looking at isis becoming a new terrorism organization. this isn't about helping iraq, it's about helping the entire world take over al qaeda, just line osama bin laden did. >> let's talk about what's there a full-track armored personnel carrier, what? >> these are carriers, they're armored so they're protected from bullets and normal grenades. they basically can manage over a lot of terrain much like the tanks except they can go up to 40 miles an hour. they can hold about 11 infantry men. my guess is they'll probably stuff about 20 isis in there. but it protects our men from anti-artillery. the people that we're trying to get are on these vehicles they
12:28 pm
can travel great distances and take over baghdad. >> you may not be able to answer this question. and viewers have to be thinking the same thing. how in the world did the iraq military leave these things there. where are their soldiers? i know some of these items haven't even gotten to. what's happening to secure it? >> in the northern part of iraq where americans have not trained the army in the last three or four years, essentially that army was not as engaged as you will see in baghdad. so when mosul was taken over, they fled. that army was not the strength of the army. however, we should have been more proactive. the army down in baghdad i expect is going to be much more fierce. much more capable. we put $60 billion into their training. let's hope that the baghdad people in the army are able to sustain that with isis. >> and iran, and baghdad. that's going to change the scope of things as well. >> defending the shias, yes.
12:29 pm
>> gunny duff, thank you for your time and your experience. >> thank you, harris. the accused ringleader in the benghazi terror attack is set to face trial here on american soil. is he entitled to the same rights as other suspects such as the right to remain silent. we'll talk with judge napolitano next. and on the brink of collapse. we were just talking about the weaponry that may have made it into the hands of the insurgents there. who are these vicious militants threatening to take over the country? and what is their end-game? two medium cappuccinos! let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'.
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>> i fox report now more headlines from the knox news desk. a wildfire along new mexico's border with arizona is forcing officials to evacuate two navajo communities.
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they say the fires are also threatening ranches and sheep camps. and in california crews work to control a wildfire there three hours north of los angeles. the forest service reports that fire destroyed at least three homes. doctors have upgraded tracy morgan's condition from critical to fair according to a spokesperson. morgan and would other persons were hurt on a crash on the jersey turnpike. and surveillance video shows a man pulling a cash drawer out of a mcdonald's drive-through window across from a police station. they say they're still looking for the suspect. no word on how much cash he took. much more from the news desk right after this. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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abu khattala rp rig. right now he's on a navy ship. among the charges killing a person in an attack on a federal facility, provideing reports to terrorists and that's awe in a criminal complaint which we now found unsealed. since he faced charges in a criminal court, reporters are asking if they read him miss miranda rights. that spokesperson said they couldn't get into the details just then. >> this isn't just about successful cam tour, this is about illegal process. and i think it's important to preserve the integrity of that process. >> a u.s. official told fox news that forces have already sba interrogated the suspect after his capture. let's bring in the judge.
12:36 pm
fox news analyst judge napoli n napolita napolitano. i'm going to sheet a little bit and lean on greta van susteren. she e-mailed me this. greta said i note this is an indictment and not a criminal complaint. does a criminal allow him to hold him longer without going to a federal court? >> no, the complaint does not allow them to hold him longer but a complaint allows them to bring him to i federal judge. often a complaint is based upon skimpy, scanty knowledge that the fbi has before is developed a case against a person. this is not the indictment. this is not the document that will charge him with the crimes formally. that will be far longer. far more detail. it will charge him with far more crimes than imminent from a grand jury. this comes from a cia agent filing a criminal complaint with a federal judge. >> what's the difference? >> great question.
12:37 pm
the constitution requires an indictment. meaning in order to be tried in a federal system, the case has to be sifted through a garage jury which is 23 civilians sitting in secret, deciding whether or not in their opinion, it is more likely than not you are the person the government is after and you have done what the government said you did. it's not a conviction. >> and so it's more expedient, too. correct? talk about the miranda. >> in fairness to colonel kirby who didn't distance on the question whether he knew if he was mirandized. theoreticall theoretically, when someone is arrested they should receive the miranda warning immediately. i suspect they did not give him a miranda warning.
12:38 pm
and they're interrogating him for intelligence purposes, that mean whatever he tells them cannot be used in the prosecution against him, but it can be used for them to find his comrades. that would probably enable them to question him without give the miranda warning and without effecting the integrity of the prosecution. >> what do you say about the people who are angry he would get the same protections we get under the law? >> their problem is eye were the constitution. because the constitution protecting persons. it didn't just protect citizens. once he's in custody of the fbi, he was in custody of the fbi from moment one. from the moment there is one fbi agent at the scene. he enjoys the same constitutional protections as you and i and everybody watching us. >> can we pop up more, because i got the judge here. the word "terrorist." is used. talk to me. that's the first time we've heard that. >> well, the use of the word "terrorist" in a criminal complaint, most respectfully is
12:39 pm
not a term of art. terrorism, active terrorism, is a term of art. and it basically means you have engaged in two or more criminal acts intending to change the policy of the government. but the crimes for which he was charged, do not necessarily implicate terrorism. he was -- he was charged with killing somebody. on an american federal facility. that's the same crime as if somebody shot someone in a post office. he was charged with using a weapon unlawfully in an american facility. that would be the same as if you shot somebody in the washington navy yard. why? because the fbi had a limited amount of evidence at the time it file the complaint. it has a lot more now that it will bring to the grand jury. >> real quickly or is there anything, what concerns you about justice coming out about this man coming to the district of columbia? anything that gives you pause? >> no, the u.s. attorney in the
12:40 pm
district of columbia has a very sophisticated team that specializes in trying people like this. the fbi has a very sophisticated team. we have the same thing in new york city. quite frankly, the civilian federal prosecutors have been shown more sophistication and more success than the military prosecutors have. >> i guess why not guantanamo bay? >> it's going to get an open and public trial that any of us can go and watch. and it's going to be 12 citizens from the districts of columbia who will sit in judgment of him. not military people, but citizens. >> gitmo? >> no secrets in this case and gitmo. they can't really bring him to gift faux. gitmo. i i understand the politicians who want him to go to gitmo but legally, it will trump that complaint because of that complaint filed against him. >> judge nap, thank you. a former gitmo, speaking of
12:41 pm
which, prisoner has been leading a recruelty network for isis. the terror group according to somebody in spain. spanish officials say he has spent four years at guantanamo bay following his arrest at afghanistan in 2001. the u.s. extradited that former detainee in 2005, but a year later, a court acquitted him for lack of evidence. this all comes after the u.s. released five gitmo prisoners in exchange, remember, for bowe bergdahl within the past week or so. pentagon assessments have shown the men and former detainee arrested in pain all had a high risk of returning to the battlefield-kathryn h
12:42 pm
battlefield-kathr battlefield catherine herridge is live in guantanamo bow. >> he was known in guantanamo bay in 2002, according to his military review in 2004, he was deemed high risk. and the recommendation is for continued detention. the allegation is he was part of al qaeda and part of the taliban. right here, with detainees it reads like a who's who in the terrorist world. there's the alleged leader of the attack abu mushiri. and there is a role for the military commissions even beyond the detention camp. >> well, i mean, they don't have a sunset time in the statute. there's no sunset provision. there's no reference to any particular set of detainees. or suspects.
12:43 pm
there, there's no mention of quarterback quarterback in the military commission. >> reporter: the decision to send abu khattala to a federal court and not bring him to guantanamo is seen as as more evidence that president obama will do whatever it takes to close it here. >> thank you. we have heard so much about the terror group causing chaos in iraq. the islamic state of iraq and syria. isis. the end game next. g tomorrow's innovators. we build it raising roofs, preserving habitats and serving america's veterans. every day, thousands of boeing volunteers help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us.
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analysts say the brutal terror group marching toward baghdad is now the most powerful militant movement on the planet, even more powerful than al qaeda. leah gabrielle is live in the new york city newsroom. what have you learned about the group's objective? >> well, harris, as you mentioned before, the group is called isis but also referred to as isil or the islamic state of iraq and levant. both of english translations of the name. the levant refers to the area in the indian sea across iraq, jordan, syria, lebanon that you see here. someone posted an audio recording that they claim is from the spokesman. it claims the takedown of
12:48 pm
baghdad. it says in part, quote, continue your advance for the furnace of war has not been fully heated and it will not be so so strap up and be ready." after thousands freed at abu ghraib prison but analysts say the territory is what's giving them legitimacy now, harris. >> the man who leads them, somebody that we had at a u.s. prison compound in iraq until 2009. and i'm reading now and i just checked this online that he's now recruiting fighters from other affiliates including al qaeda's yemen branch and al shabaab. how does that group compare to al qaeda? >> of course, he is. the group is actually born out of al qaeda. isis' leader was the leader of al qaeda in iraq. last year, he expanded into syria and attempted to leave the movement causing infighting with
12:49 pm
al qaeda and ultimately a split. well shg well, isis uses more brutal attack. one analyst i spoke with isis has gained al qaeda. >> i think it's more focused on iraq and changing the middle east. they're not as interested in attacks against the u.s. we can see value in attacks against the u.s. and person targets. and there's also the risk of foreigners that came to fight in iraq and syria coming back to the west. but this is not the real focus of isis. >> and, harris, he also said, there's, of course, hatred towards the u.s. and given the opportunity, they will target us. >> well, the enemy of the menem is my friend. leah gabrielle, thank you very much. general motors is recalling millions of additional cars and vehicles. you may recall gm has set a company record in 2014 for the most recalls of the year.
12:50 pm
if you own a gm product, you'll want to check yours against our list. we'll have it for you next. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!"
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win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. general motors has announced yet another massive recall involving nearly 3.5 million additional cars because of an ignition defect. the full list is on the wall there, you can see it. this recalls seven cars with model years ranging from 2000 to 2014, brand-new. buick lacrosse, chevy impala, cadillac deville, cadillac dts and buick luzerne, buick regal, is and gs models. that's pretty much all of them and chevy monte carlo. jerry willis is here, host of the willis report 5:00 p.m. eastern, i never miss it, on the fox business network. what are they fixing on the latest recall? >> there is no plans to replace
12:54 pm
the ignition switch. they're only going to fix the keys to the car, okay. what they're going to do is fill in the slots in the head of the key. that's the plan. we got this confirmed by gm itself. that's the only fix that will be made. they're telling folks out there, if you own up with of thighs make these makes and models we just showed, take everything off the key chain because it is the weight on the key chain that is creating the problem. >> one in five cars on the road is a gm vehicle. i understand the ceo of the company will be back before congressional committee. >> here is what we're going to hear tomorrow. we have a copy of her testimony. she'll talk about new details for the victims' compensation fund. here is what she says. mr. feinberg has full authority to establish eligibility criteria for victims and determine compensation levels, the company leaving it in feinbe feinberg's hands, how much money to dole out and to whom. >> okay. >> hopefully get some answers. i'm curious, i know you don't
12:55 pm
know, why don't they just replace the ignition? what if they're wrong, they got to do this all again? we'll find out. >> we will find out. >> good to see you. people in eastern nebraska recovering from tornadoes. we'll take a look and cover the story next. i'm sorry- i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? you feel that in your muscles? yeah...i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches lets us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. experience a new way to bank where no branches = great rates. ally bank. your money needs an ally. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. was a truly amazing day.ey,
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so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter. a new look at the twisters that hit nebraska. sheriffs in that area confirming two people dead including a 5-year-old little girl, many more hurt. about this time yesterday. about 100 miles from omaha. mike toobin is there.
12:59 pm
mike? >> the tornado travel in this direction, as you look behind me, you can see the center of town marked by those grain bins. that's the co-op that brought the foarmers together. everything that made this little town a town was right back there and took a direct hit. to quote a county commissioner out here, 50% of this town is plum gone. a state farm insurance adjuster says what survived 80% of it is still badly damaged it going to need to be wrecked right to the ground and rebuilt. the southeast corner of this town, about 20 homes are still standing and that's really about it. what we see out here also are that the homes, built here, have foundations, or basements in their foundation, i should say. a lot of people got down in their basement. that's why as powerful as this tornado was, now ranks parts of it ef-4, only two people were killed. harris? >> our prayers are with the main street and that town. thank you very much, mike. i'm harris faulkner in today
1:00 pm
for shepard smith. that will do it for us. we're all over the news as it breaks on fox news channel. 6:45 eastern, brett bear, greta van susteren with their exclusive interview with hillary clinton. now "your world." >> is this bigger than iraq? because forget about the threat over there. some fear it is about to come here. well growing certains that terrorists in iraq could soon be coming -- mike rogers saying and i quote, thousands of people with western passports are joining the fight with its al qaeda offshoot. and getting further radicalized, trained and some, he fears, will come back to the u.s. a place the leader of the insurgency clearly seems to be setting his sights. >> the isis